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Client Testimonials

Knight-Tro Soft has been a excellent service provider and has always exceeded my expectations. They are extremely reliable and provide excellent timely support.
Their downtime is minimal and software updates are always up to date.
Knight-Tro Soft is an excellent service provider!
Del (delmario.com)

My personal web site and e-mail has been hosted by Knight-Tro Soft for over four years. In this highly competitive market I have remained loyal to a company that provides high uptime and good customer service, after many years of negative experiences with larger companies. Knight-Tro Soft's attention to detail and desire to satisfy their customers means I can spend less time worrying about things that should "just work".

I cannot say enough about Knight-Tro Soft. I have three websites hosted with them and their availability is second to none. Not only does Knight-Tro Soft support the software packages that you'll need to build a website, they are actually in the business of creating websites. That means that they have the technical knowledge and, more importantly, the experience necessary to address any issues that you may encounter. John is not only available to help you, he takes pride in helping you find the right solution. If you can present him with a problem that he doesn't know the solution to, you can rest assured that he'll get back to you in a timely manner with the solution.
Jim (GatheringFriendsQuiltShop.com)


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